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You have a lot of thoughts, feelings and opinions…whether about health, relationships or politics, your experience as a woman living with HIV has helped shape your views, and those views deserve to be heard. We welcome all submissions from women living with HIV.

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#PWNspeaks Writing Prompts

(These are just suggestions, not required topics)

February 2017:

The new Congress has already taken the first steps to repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA; known as “Obamacare”). Repeal of the ACA could take away health insurance from as many as 20 million people; make health care even more expensive and inaccessible for millions; undermine the ability of people with pre-existing conditions (like HIV and other chronic conditions) to get coverage; and make sexual and reproductive health care, including contraception, more expensive and less accessible. They have also promised to de-fund Planned Parenthood in the process of repealing the ACA, further undermining women’s health in the U.S. What message would you like to send to Congress and the incoming administration in regards to health care?
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