World AIDS Day in Atlanta

December 1, 2016

by Shyronn Jones, PWN-USA Georgia Strategic Communications Action Team Rep

On the eve of World AIDS Day, I attended Georgia Equality’s 3rd Annual World AIDS Day: Policy and Action Luncheon, (with copies on hand of PWN-USA’s factsheet on HIV criminalization). This event was organized and presented by the 2016 Youth HIV Policy Advisors, a group of twelve youth living openly with HIV who are matched with a local elected official to serve as a resource to them on the needs of young HIV positive people in the metro Atlanta area. In a panel interview, the Youth HIV Policy Advisors were asked questions by an audience of elected officials and community leaders, presented their policy recommendations and spoke on their unique perspectives to advocate for policy changes in schools, housing and decriminalization.


For more information contact:
Emily Halden Brown
Georgia Equality
Phillip Rush Center
1530 DeKalb Avenue, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30307
404.523.3070 Ext 3 Phone
734.635.2483 Mobile

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Pictured above are:
Jeff Graham. Executive Director at Georgia Equality
Emily Halden Brown, Field Organizer at Georgia Equality
Tonya O’Brian, Fulton County( StandUp2HIVATL)
Karen Rene’, City Council East Point GA
Senator Vincent Fort of Atlanta
Alfonza Lewis, Youth Policy Advisor
Marxavian Jones, Youth Policy Advisor
Shyloh Jones, Daughter of Shyronn Jones
Shyronn Jones, PWN-USA Georgia Strategic Communications Action Team Rep