Action Alert!


Week of June 19


cell-phone-call-my-senator-01URGENT: Take Action! Help #KillTheBill! Call the HIV Hotline Today!

ISSUE: We are running out of time!  Senate Republicans plan to rush a vote on the catastrophically cruel American Health Care Act (AHCA, a.k.a. “Trumpcare”) before the July 4 congressional recess. The bill is being drafted by a secretive committee of 13 white men; no Democrats in the Senate have even seen any of the language in the bill. The Senate GOP hopes that the public will remain so distracted with the Russia investigation and the other myriad daily crises of the White House to pay attention to their plan to strip tens of millions of people of their health care coverage. The good news is there are several Republicans in the Senate representing states that expanded Medicaid who are hesitant to support a bill that would decimate coverage for hundreds of thousands in their states. Now is the time to push hard and let them know that we expect them to protect our care, and will hold them accountable if they don’t. We need to call them every single day.



  • Call the HIV Hotline TODAY! Call 866-246-9371 to be connected to your Senators. You can tell them:

“My name is _____ and I live in [city, zip]. I’m a person [living with/concerned about] HIV and I’m calling to urge Senator ____ to reject any health care bill that contains cuts or caps to Medicaid. Over 40% of people living with HIV depend on Medicaid for their health care; cuts and caps would lead to unnecessary deaths. We are counting on Senator ____ to stand up for his constituents and for what’s right and reject any cuts or caps to Medicaid!”

  • Do you work or volunteer for an organization that provides services for or advocates for people who would be affected by the changes to health care? Have some friends and family who are also worried about the impending health care disaster? Make the most of the HIV Hotline and organize a phone bank! Our partners at AIDS Foundation of Chicago have put together a great toolkit for organizing a phone bank to mobilize a greater number of people to call their Senators about the health care bill, which you can find here.
  • Here is a list of high-priority targets (and their legislative assistants) you can call and write:

Legislative Assistant Helen Heiden • • 202 224 4521

ARKANSAS: Sen. Thomas Cotton (R)
Abigail Welborn, Legislative Assistant • • 202-224-2353

ALABAMA: Sen. Luther Strange (R)
Legislative Assistant Nick Moore • • 202-224-4124

ALASKA: Sen. Murkowski, (R) 
HELP Cmte Legislative Aide • 202 224 6665
Legislative Director • 202 224 6665

COLORADO: Sen. Cory Gardner (R)
Legislative Director Curtis Swager • • 202-224-5941
Ali Toal, Legislative Assistant • • 202-224-5941

LOUISIANA: Sen. Bill Cassidy (R)
Senior Health Policy Adviser Matt Gallivan * • 202-224-5824
Research Analyst Davis Mills • • 202-224-5824

MAINE: Sen. Susan Collins (R)
Legislative Assistant Elizabeth Allen • • 202 224 2523

OHIO: Sen. Rob Portman (R)
Legislative Assistant Sarah Schmidt • • 202-224-3353

NEVADA: Sen Dean Heller (R)
Legislative Assistant Rachel Green • • 202 224 6244

TENNESSEE: Sen. Lamar Alexander (R)
David Cleary, Chief of Staff • • 202-224-4944
HELP Committee health staff Mary-Sumpter Lapinski • • (202) 224-6770

WEST VIRGINIA: Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R)
Legislative Assistant Dana Richter • • 202-224-6472
Legislative Correspondent Mike Fischer • • (202) 228-1395

WISCONSIN: Sen. Ronald Johnson (R)
Legislative Director Sean Riley • • 202-224-5323