Action Alert!


Week of March 20

Take Action! Join National HIV Call-In Day to #ProtectOurCare

ISSUE: This week, Representatives in Congress will vote on the Republican health care proposal, the “American Health Care Act” (AHCA), to gut lifesaving provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid. The Republican plan will cause 24 million people, including many living with HIV, to lose access to care.

The Republican plan is bad for everyone, and especially for people living with and vulnerable to HIV. It undermines the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and would weaken the ACA’s subsidies and consumer protections and bankrupt Medicaid. In February 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that HIV infection rates decreased by 18% over the last six years—in part due to improved access to care through the ACA. Data has also shown significant improvements in viral suppression rates among people living with HIV. These gains in HIV prevention and care are now in grave danger. The Republican plan will put HIV prevention, treatment, and care out of reach for people living with HIV and vulnerable to HIV. Tell Congress we will not stand by while our health care is gutted!



  1. Tell everyone you know to make the same call. Share the National HIV Call-In Day:
  2. Mark your calendar to make a phone call on Tuesday, March 21, National HIV Call-In Day! Let’s show Congress how strong our community is. Participate by calling this toll-free number: (866) 246-9371, which will connect you directly with your Representative. Because the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the ACA repeal this Thursday, the hotline will connect you immediately to your Representative. (See sample script below.)
  3. Share the Facebook event on social media!
  4. Use the hashtags #ProtectOurCare and #NoRepeal!
  5. Forward this email to everyone in your address book!
  6. Let us know quickly how your call went!

Sample script:

“Hello, my name is _______ and I live in [city & state, zip code]. I am a person [living with HIV/concerned about HIV]. I am calling to demand that you vote against the American Health Care Act. The American Health Care Act will hurt people living with and vulnerable to HIV by making it harder and more expensive to get the care they need. All Americans deserve better. I urge you to support people living with and vulnerable to HIV and oppose the American Health Care Act.”  

Take Action! Call Your Senators and Urge Them to Vote No on Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

After Republicans in the Senate blocked President Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland, for an entire year, Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch. This nominee has an abominable record on women’s rights and workers’ rights. If confirmed, Gorusch could be a deciding vote in cases that could severely erode women’s reproductive rights, voting rights and the rights of workers to organize collectively for improved pay and benefits. And because Supreme Court appointments are for life, he could shape U.S. laws and policies in a reactionary way for decades. Gorsuch’s nomination hearing is scheduled for March 20, so it’s crucial that we express our opposition now.



Sample script:

“Hello, my name is ____ and I’m a constituent of Sen. ____ in zip code _____. I’m calling to urge Sen. _____ to oppose Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court. His record on [women’s rights, workers’ rights, disability rights, etc.] is very concerning; his appointment to the Supreme Court would set us back years. I strongly urge Sen. ____ to vote NO on confirming Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.”

Take Action! Email Your Members of Congress and Tell Them to Reject the President’s Cruel and Reckless Budget

ISSUE: Last week, the president released his “skinny budget,” calling for draconian cuts to some of our most essential programs and services and redirecting those funds to a defense build-up, which is unnecessary and unjustified, as the U.S. already accounts for more than a third of global defense spending. These cuts would mostly severely impact the most vulnerable among us–the poor, people of color, seniors and children–but will also eviscerate agencies that the health and safety of all of us. 

GET THE FACTS: This article is very detailed in explaining how the cuts will affect various programs.

TAKE ACTION! Send your Members of Congress an email telling them to reject this budget, which unfairly targets the most vulnerable in our communities for draconian cuts.