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PWN-USA envisions a world where women living with HIV (WLWH) can live long, healthy, dignified and productive lives, free from stigma and discrimination. Our mission is to prepare and involve all women living with HIV, in all our diversity, including gender identity and sexual expression, in all levels of policy and decision-making. (Learn more about PWN-USA’s mission, vision and valuesJoin PWN-USA today!

PWN-USA members are individuals who self-identify as women living with HIV — whatever that identity looks like or means for them — and want to be part of the nationwide membership circle of PWN-USA. PWN-USA allies are individuals who support PWN-USA’s mission, and do not self-identify as HIV positive, whatever their HIV status may be.

Members are welcome to join any of PWN-USA’s active Workgroups. Workgroups are the primary way that PWN-USA engages its membership in advice, decision-making, input, and taking action on issues. Each group maintains a Google listserv of members, and holds periodic meetings via conference call.

Current Workgroups:

Policy Workgroup: Provides input into and guidance on PWN-USA’s policy agenda, priorities, and positions on policy issues. Learn about PWN-USA’s Policy Agenda

Strategic Communications Action Team (SCAT): Advises and leads PWN-USA’s communications plan and strategy; increase the visibility of women and HIV issues locally and nationally; engages in PWN-USA media and communications initiatives to push forward our policy goals.

319213_10150293274462412_1386934_nRegional Organizing and Leadership Development Workgroup: Supports local and state-level organizing by women living with HIV to advance PWN-USA’s mission and work; supports and strengthens leadership development and mentorship opportunities throughout PWN-USA, especially identifying and fostering new leaders. Learn about PWN-USA’s Regional Chapters

If you’d like to become part of this work, as a member or ally, please fill out the form below! (We will never sell or share your information.)

Join us in working to improve the lives and uphold the rights of U.S. women living with HIV!


6 thoughts on “Become a Member of PWN-USA!

  1. Looking forward to meeting more people like myself that are HIV -AIDS.I am also a PRA Peer Research Associate with Womans College From Toronto,Ontario.I do HIV Cohort Studys with my company called CHIWOS Canadian HIV Womans Sexual And Reproductive Health Cohort study.I love what I do and I also like working with HIV-AIDS people.For the fact I am HIV myself.

  2. I recently started advocating “outloud” for people living with HIV. I was a behind the scene type of rallier for 10 years. Today I realize the importance of standing up and speaking out. If not to educate to keep this in the open , to be talked about , to know the decisions being made for me without me. I am very happy to be involved . I am not ashamed of being Positive and undetectable. I am learning more and keeping up with the latest in order to help educate those who think this is over. I want my grand children not to have to worry about this in their future. I am a happy and energetic woman living with HIV. I AM STILL THE “ME ” you knew and loved , but time will tell how people will take this. Its great to have such a support group of other positive women and men. Today I choose to live and be the real “ME” no hiding.

  3. I am a 44 year old woman living with HIV . I am undetectable. I used to hide from HIV and from letting anyone know my status. Today I see the reason we need to keep the conversation going. People still don’t know they too can get the virus. I see too many people practice unsafe sex. I see too much ignorance to condoms and ways to be infected. I am an advocate for anyone who is interested . I try to stay involved in local events and now I find the seminars and groups are are my backbone to Standing up Against this . I am no longer ashamed of me or my status. I am still the” Me ” many called friend, only time will tell now how the reaction is handled by those I love and work with. Glad happy and proud to continue to share my story and ideas with others willing to listen.

  4. I has been educating my family friends,and and women and men I runs into i’m VERY motivated female LOVE the lord JESUS Christ, been cleaned from alcohol and drugs,now for 23years GOD has been GOOD TO me. I just LOVE to let’s each one reach one to teach one i must and want VERY badly to educate my community MY t cell are VERY high until this very day I also have done 3documentarys through healthy babies project with Arian Burch .THE director of the BARRT METHADONE CLINIC would LOVE for me to help create an hiv/aids support group get started BUT i really need to be updated on new information regarding what I’m living with. I could be reached at 510)228-5573,Anytime this is my cell LOVE to attend in September 2016 in florida PLEASE! !!! HELP ME TO HELP those that want IT. THANK YOU

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