PWN-USA Survey Finds Violations of Sexual and Reproductive Rights of US WLHIV

This summer, as part of a project to assess the state of sexual and reproductive health and rights for women living with HIV in the US, PWN-USA launched a national survey. The survey was taken by nearly 200 women living with HIV.


Among the findings from the survey:

    • Over 50% of US women living with HIV in care have not been counseled on viral suppression as an HIV prevention strategy
    • Women living with HIV face high levels of internalized stigma, which negatively impacts self-perception, enjoyment of sex, and intimate partnerships, and may lead to abuse
    • 69% of respondents had experienced nonconsensual sex and 72% had experienced intimate partner violence
    • Women living with HIV are resilient and resourceful, utilizing diverse strategies to improve health, perceptions of body image, and increase agency in sexual and romantic decision-making

Read the complete survey findings here

PWN-USA will release a full report next week documenting findings from a policy scan, a review of available literature, and analysis from the survey. The report, UNSPOKEN: Sexuality, Romance, and Reproductive Freedom for Women Living with HIV in the United States was written, researched, edited, analyzed and produced entirely by women living with HIV.

Today PWN-USA released a sneak preview with rich findings from the survey, analysis, and discussion! Read the survey findings and executive summary here, and stay tuned for the full report, coming next week.

In addition, authors of the report will host a special 90-minute webinar on Tuesday, December 3rd at 12:30 PT/3:30 ET to present report findings and answer questions.

The webinar will feature presentations by:

Vanessa Johnson
Shari Margolese
Cristina Jade Pena
Evany Turk
and more!

To register for the December 3rd webinar, please click here 

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